Friday, February 17, 2017

Adjusting to reality #2 – modern times, modern crimes

Modern times, modern crimes. The current dysfunctional world of Australian politics is beyond comprehension. It makes you wonder and probably drives you to drink. Unfortunately, unlike the far too many mediocre politicians, we’re not being chauffeur-driven there. It's beyond a joke, so a good way to talk about it is through the language of jokes. It's a world of short attention spans, media grabs and talking points, so I'm responding in kind.

Shooting yourself in the foot
With many of our crazier politicians today, it’s a case of shooting yourself in the foot and then putting that foot in your mouth.

'Fear everything' – sign of the times.

Tail wagging the dog
When I look at the present-day Government and its more wacko extremes, I often wonder if the tail is wagging the dog. But what if the tail actually is the dog?